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ACDN is so professionally run and I get so much fulfilment out of interacting and having input into any further activities and opportunities that are coming up. My husband says the annual membership fee is the best money we spend all year due to the amount of enjoyment I get out my membership.
erin, cookez by erin
It brings all cake decorators together to share their love for cake decorating. I’m always looking forward to the events ACDN brings such as cake crawl. Truly a fantastic community and i recommend anyone who has a passion for decorating to join!
Hannah, storytale cakes

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Cake! TV for?

Cake! TV is for all cake decorators, bakers and sugar artists from hobbyist to experienced. Our tutorials are delivered in a range of difficulty levels from beginner to advanced, to provide quality content to all skill levels.

What techniques or skills will be taught?

Cake! TV tutorials cover many different techniques and mediums, including but not limited to: cakes, cookies, cupcakes, fondant, buttercream, royal icing, chocolate and ganache.

Who are the decorators?

Each month we feature a new decorator or baker to present four episodes for you! Our guests are located all over the world so we can showcase a broad range of skills, techniques and styles from our international cake decorating and baking community.

How long do the episodes go for?

Our tutorials, also known as Cake! TV Episodes, range from around 20-30 minutes. The more complex tutorials may be longer than the beginner tutorials. Each tutorial is filmed by our guest decorators, taking you into their kitchens and behind the scenes, before being professionally edited by the Cake! TV Video Editor.

What language are the episodes presented in?

Each of our Cake! TV episodes are filmed in English. Transcript/subtitles in English are available, with more languages being offered soon.

Am I locked in or can I cancel at any time?

You can subscribe to Cake! TV either on a monthly or annual basis. Your subscription will auto renew until you cancel it. You can cancel at any time via your Account page when logged in.

How long do I have access for?

You have access to the episodes for as long as you are a subscriber. New subscribers also get instant access to previous episodes. Your access will end when you cancel your subscription.
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