February's Feature Decorator

A quick hello from Cake! TV's feature decorator for February!
Caking It Up
FEBRUARY's feature decorator

Karen Reeves

Karen, a mum of 2, once a primary school teacher, now the owner of her own boutique cake decorating studio in Sydney, Australia.

She began her decorating journey when she decided to make her first child’s christening cake. At the time she was very impressed with her efforts, but looking back she feels it’s a little cringe worthy!

She’s since perfected the art of decorating with fondant, ganache, stencilling, lustre, painting and more through her business Caking It Up.

Karen has created a gorgeous range of stencils, both acrylic and mesh, along with a range of quality cake decorating tools. She is an internationally renowned teacher and is looking forward to joining us on Cake! TV to share her skills.

Karen's Episodes

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